Our Start


 At WRIGO (r-ee-go) we’re revolutionizing the way you whiteboard.

“Write, Erase, Go!” is the motto that drives everything we do to improve your experience using dry-erase markers, erasers, and whiteboards.

We got our start after a long-pondered idea was brought to life (with markers, blue painter's tape, and rubber washers) and put to use at a whiteboard. That ‘ah-ha’ moment quickly evolved into an ‘oh my gosh’, ‘now watch this’, ‘oh, that really works’, ‘that’s really cool’, and a big ‘how is this not a thing?!’ that compelled us to start the WRIGOlution.


After months of rapid prototyping (i.e. trial and error) we dialed in on new whiteboard solutions we’re excited to bring to market: WRIGO and WRIGO MAG. 

We know there’s a long road ahead, but with WRIGO in hand, we’re ready to Write, Erase, and Go the distance!