WRIGO MAG (2-Pack)

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Expected to ship August 2019

WRIGO MAG (2-Pack) - The revolutionary, patent pending, whiteboard accessory that let's you Write and Erase as you Go, with Magnets!

Pick up where you left off with our MAG line of products.


  • 2-in-1 writing and erasing device
  • Raised, angled eraser
  • Thick, washable felt eraser pad
  • Traditional Expo-style marker storage
  • Comfort-designed, ergonomic grip
  • Ultra-strong rare-earth magnets to store WRIGO MAG on virtually any magnetic

Just load in your favorite Expo-style markers (not included) and you're a flick-of-the-wrist away from the erasing action that makes the patent pending WRIGO family of products unique.

Never go looking on the tray, desk, drawer, chair, or floor for an eraser again - your WRIGO MAG sticks to most magnetic boards and is always right where you left it.

This 2-pack gives you the flexibility to have 2 color markers loaded and ready to go for your whiteboard creations and collaborations.

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